Good evening Stylish Church Girls!!!!

Hope you all had a great day! My day was filled with so much running as usual. I had a whole list of things to do today but I did not get them all done. I strive to do things the correct way when I can, so today made me feel like I had not done the right things. I had to remind myself that I am not perfect and that I am only one person. Only person that gets everything right and never fails is God and we all are far from God. If we were able to do everything perfectly then there would not be a need for God. Sometimes in life we have to stop getting wrapped up in what we have done wrong and focus on what we can do to make things right. You will never mess up so bad that God would just leave you alone. He already knew you were going to do what you did and He is just waiting on you to ask Him for forgiveness and for Him to assist you in righting your wrong. God doesn’t care if you did something wrong, He is only concerned about helping you fix it and not repeating the same thing again.

Remember whatever you have done wrong give it to God, He can fix it  for you. God only wants the best for you.


Have a great night Stylish Dolls!!