Good morning Stylish Dolls!!

Your “truth” is your deliverance. Many live in a fantasy world. And you are trying to find world. things are not happening like you think they should. But have you really faced the truth of who you are?

Most people nowadays pay 2 roles, one for the public and then one for home. I too tried to play that role and did not work for me at all. But when I stood up and said I am tired and done with playing these different roles (And when your mother,whom is a pastor, saw it because the Holy Ghost revealed it to her as well) my life began to change. God stated pouring out blessings and preforming murals on my behalf. I had to face my reality and see what was really going on in order to receive my deliverance. I would not tell you all to do anything I would not do. The things I have experienced in life was intended for me to help others to see how they can come out of these situations on top. God is with you always just look to Him for guidance and the answer to all your problems. I hope this blessed someone today. If you would like to send in prayer request send them to I will pass the request on to my pastors who get up and pay for our nation and God’s people. Please feel free to join us on Mon. , Wed., and Fri. @5 am and Thursdays at 7 pm at 712 432 3022 code# 882399.