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Month: June 2016

Summer time outfit ideas!!

IMG_20160618_132413 IMG_20160620_120904

Summer time outfit ideas!!



A few outfit ideas


Step outside the box when wearing solids and mix some prints with your solids.

Hat: Target

Necklace: Rainbow

Jumpsuit: Banana Republic

Jacket: Heavenly Couture (Key West, Florida)

Shoes: Old Navy


Jacket: KSL (I love the cut of this jacket. )

Pants: Heavenly Couture (Key West, Florida)


You can never go wing with a little black dress.

Dress: Heavenly Couture (Key West, Florida)

Necklace: Rainbow

Take time to regroup



Hello Stylish Dolls!!


Hope all is well with each of you. I have been on vacation and I feel refreshed. It’s OK to get away from the hustl

e and bustle of life and take time out for yourself. If you are like me, you are running from work to church to kid’s practice to kid’s games to the grocery store to home to making sure your husband has everything he needs to doing your homework and to get up and do it all over again. That’s a lot for one person and sometimes when we are constantly on the go is hard to hear from God. If you feel like you are feeling overwhelmed and seem to can’t get it together, ┬átake a break. You don’t have to leave town but you can check into one of your local hotels and shut your phone off and focus on what God is telling you to do.

After being on my vacation I clearly was able to hear what God told me and when I get home I am hitting the pavement doing what God told me to do. I also learned that I have to get into my quiet place more often so that I make sure I hear the voice of Good clearly. Make sure you give Good his time.


Have a good night Stylish Dolls!!


PS. I also did a little shipping while on vacation so I will post a blog about what I found and where. I am so excited!!

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